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Wings – Flyboy
Alexander's Top 10 , Daniel's Top 10 / 24th January 2016

Title: Wings – Flyboy Author: Tom Palmer This book is about a boy called Jatinder, who likes football. At the beginning, he is on a camp and is playing a match. He gets a penalty but misses and is really angry with himself. On his way home he sees a man who is a Sikh like him and then he disappears. He tells Esther, one of the owners of the house he is in, about him and she shows him a book about the first Sikh pilot. That night, whilst reading the book, he sees the man in his room. Then…. he disappears! So Jatinder goes to sleep. The next night he has a dream or is it a reality? This is where his adventure begins. I really enjoyed this book because it was exciting and taught me a lot about the First World War. I recommend this book to 8+ history and football lovers. I give it 10/10  

Over the Line
Uncategorised / 24th September 2017

Title: Over the Line Author: Tom Palmer Jack is a young boy. This is the most important moment of his life; his debut as a professional footballer. But there is a problem, it is 1914 and the war has started. Jack has made many friends in these first football matches but when rumours start about footballers being cowards, Jack has no choice but to join up. There are other rumours too. Good rumours. Rumours about the Flanders Cup, a tournament in the war between different battalions. Does Jack get chosen to play? Do Jack and his friends survive the war? Does Jack get to play football again? Read the book to find out! I really liked this book because it really intrigued me and it is a true story! At some points it is quite emotional though. I recommend this book to 8+ readers who like history or football. If you enjoy this book, read the Wings series or Defenders series. I give it 11/10