Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians!
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Title: Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians! Author: Gary Northfield Review by Daniel Bisland – age 10 This book is about a zebra called Julius. One day he is shipwrecked in Egypt. A zebra in Egypt? Yes, a zebra in Egypt! He is thought to be an Egyptian God! He enjoys all the attention, despite being called a Horse God! Soon he will be famous and be praised by everyone. They will have a procession in his honour but first they must go and visit the tombs. (SPOILER ALERT – it doesn’t go well!). His friend Felix can’t resist taking a jewel; a haunted jewel. This changes EVERYTHING! Julius had been found out; he was a fake. Now what? It will mean that they will have to kill him of course! What happens next? I give it 5*. I recommend it to 9+ adventure fans who also like a funny story. I really like the illustrations in this book. If you like this book, make sure you read 1 & 2 as well. Julius is stupidly funny. This series is hilarious!

The Creakers
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Title: The Creakers Author: Tom Fletcher The adults were missing! What happened to them? One morning, a girl called Lucy woke up to the sound of her mum’s alarm clock, which NEVER went off! She went to her mum’s room to find an empty bed. She looked everywhere for her mum. Her mum was gone! The reason her dad wasn’t there was that he had gone missing a while ago; you’ll find out in the book why and where he is. Lucy went into her garden. She could see lots of children crying for their parents. Lucy was the most responsible child so she tried to take control. First, the children watched the news but there was no news reporter! Next, they went to school but there were no teachers! It was very strange! All the children were very confused but they were also a bit happy because now they could do what they wanted! Some of the things they did were: Crash a car into Lucy’s hedge Put trampolines down the road Get stuck in washing machines Get Play-doh and paint everywhere Get loo paper in every tree This was how Lucy’s first day went but what was going…

Hari and his electric feet
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Title: Hari and his electric feet Author: Alexander McCall Smith This book is about a boy called Hari, who is an ordinary boy with a great talent. One day, a Bollywood musical was being recorded down a street so he went to watch it. This is where his dancing inspiration came from! A local man realised that Hari loved to dance so he told him that he should show his talent to the world. So, the next day Hari began dancing on the street. His dancing could hypnotise anyone to have a little jive! On this particular day, everyone who watched Hari was dancing… except for one man! But who was he? Why wasn’t he dancing? The next day, Hari bumped into two people who were watching him the day before. They went to the market and told Hari to dance! This was part of their masterplan. What was this masterplan? Alexander McCall Smith is a great author to explore especially if you are a starting to read as a lot of his books are not too complicated. I think all his books are brilliant! I recommend this book to 8+. I give it 10/10.

Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape
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Title: Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape Author: Dermot O’Leary Toto and Silver are cats from Puglia, Southern Italy but they now live in London with a new Mamma and Papa. Toto isn’t an ordinary cat; she is a blind, ninja cat! One night, they woke up to a strange sound coming from outside and Toto wanted to explore but Silver was too scared. In the end, Toto managed to persuade Silver to go help investigate. When they got outside they found a strange looking creature eating food from their bin. He told them his name was Catface and he took them on a tour of London. On the tour of London, they went on the Animal Tube, which was another carriage on top of a train for humans. On this tour, they saw lots of famous landmarks like Downing Street and the Tower of London. On their way home, there was a lot of commotion; Brian the snake had escaped from London Zoo! So they set off on an adventure to catch Brian. This is where the story begins…. We really enjoyed this book and we would really like there to be another Toto book. We…

Skeleton Tree
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Title: Skeleton Tree Author: by Kim Ventrella   This book is about a boy called Stanly. Stanly’s sister is called Miren and she is very sick. She has a rare lung condition where her lungs fill up with fluid. Mum is usually at work so Ms Francine looks after them both. She is from Kyrgyzstan and tells them lots of stories about her life. Mum and Dad are divorced and Stanly really misses his dad. So, when he discovers a skeleton growing in his garden and he comes across a “Discoverer’s Competition”, he is sure it will help him see his dad again. So, together with his friend Jaxon, they start to do some digging! Who or what is this skeleton and what does he want? Does Stanly see his dad again? What happens to Miren? What happens to the skeleton? You’ll have to read the book to find out! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat because you want to find out the connection between the skeleton and the other characters. I recommend this book to 11+ readers who like mystery and thriller books. This book is also a bit sad and emotional. I give it…

Simply the Quest
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Title: Simply The Quest Author: Maz Evans This is the 2nd book in this series by Maz Evans. The first book is called Who Let the Gods Out? I read Who Let the Gods Out? in year 5 and I brought it into school as we were learning about the Greek Gods and my teacher was very impressed with what I’d learnt! Simply The Quest is about a boy called Elliott, his mum Josie and some famous Greek Gods. Virgo and Elliott met in the first book in the most usual way and in this book, Virgo needed to go on a trial to retrieve her Kardia as she had lost it in book 1. But it didn’t go well especially as Elliot didn’t follow Virgo’s instructions!!! Back at Home Farm, which is Elliott’s house, a letter popped through the door! The letter told Elliott about his dad’s darkest secret, which I’m not going to tell you about as it is top secret! Elliott’s two enemies try to get revenge in this book. But how? Will Virgo and Elliott complete their mission? You’ll have to read the book to find out! I give this book 6/5. I recommend it to…

Thank you Ealing Broadway for selecting us as your reading heroes 2017
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           We wanted to say thank you so much to Ealing Broadway for selecting us as their reading heroes. We won £150 in book tokens – £50 for ourselves and £50 for each of our schools. We really enjoyed choosing the books for our schools – some of the books we chose are books we have reviewed and really enjoyed. How many of the books in the photo have you got on your bookshelf? 🙂 Some of the books are part of Tom Fletcher’s Book Club at WH Smiths.

The Accidental Billionaire
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Title: The Accidental Billionaire Author: Tom McLaughlin This book is about a boy called Jasper Spam, his Nan and his cat, Rover. Jasper was an ordinary boy… well, one who got into trouble (a little bit) at school because of his inventions! One day, he was in his science lab (his shed) and he tried to split an atom, so he hit the chisel with a hammer, the hammer flew up, hit a laser beam and BAM, it hit Rover’s bum! Because of this accident, his cat started to talk and Jasper became rich beyond belief. The accident was the birth of Cat Chat 2000! Soon, cats were plotting things against humans. But what were they planning? I recommend this book to 7+ comedy fans. I give it 11/10. This is the 3rd book in the “Accidental” series and is my favourite one. It’s funny, you can’t put it down and if you have any money, I recommend that you BUY THIS BOOK! If I was a billionaire, I would give some money to charity, buy a car company (Tesla) and buy a mansion. If Alexander was a billionaire, he would give some money to charity and buy at least…

Over the Line
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Title: Over the Line Author: Tom Palmer Jack is a young boy. This is the most important moment of his life; his debut as a professional footballer. But there is a problem, it is 1914 and the war has started. Jack has made many friends in these first football matches but when rumours start about footballers being cowards, Jack has no choice but to join up. There are other rumours too. Good rumours. Rumours about the Flanders Cup, a tournament in the war between different battalions. Does Jack get chosen to play? Do Jack and his friends survive the war? Does Jack get to play football again? Read the book to find out! I really liked this book because it really intrigued me and it is a true story! At some points it is quite emotional though. I recommend this book to 8+ readers who like history or football. If you enjoy this book, read the Wings series or Defenders series. I give it 11/10

Thank you Egmont & Jim Smith for our Rattify Me picture and books
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We were lucky enough to win a competition on Egmont’s Facebook page to win 4 books, a backpack and a Rattify Me picture drawn by Jim Smith himself. Thank you so much for our prize. We love our picture – you can clearly see the resemblance! 🙂 If you haven’t read the Barry Loser or Future Ratboy books, you should definitely read them. They are easy to read and the illustrations are great! Alexander and Daniel