Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God
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Title: Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God Author: Rob Lloyd Jones Review by Daniel Bisland age 10 This book is about a boy called Jake, his sister Pan and their parents Jane and John Atlas and their friend Sami. The family are treasure hunters who were on the run from the police. They were searching for the snake lady who they met in the previous book. One day Sami, the gadget maker was adultnapped and the Atlas family were told that if they found the Tomb of Quetzalcoatl he would be freed. During the adventure in Honduras, they get shot down. Who shot them down? Do they save Sami? Do they survive? My brother and I give this book 5**** and recommend it to wannabe adventurers aged 9+. We loved this book so much that we sent our mum out to buy the first book in the series. Please write another book in this series!

You are Awesome
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Title: You are Awesome Author: Matthew Syed   This book is AWESOME! This book has boosted my confidence! Before I read “You are Awesome”, I had a Fixed Mindset but now I have a Growth Mindset! Some famous people have also made mistakes or have been rejected, like J K Rowling, who was rejected by 32 publishers with her first Harry Potter book. This book teaches you that some things don’t always go to plan but you must never give up! Imagine if J K Rowling had given up? There would be no books, no films, no Harry Potter World … nothing! The book also ties in with the National Curriculum. My school talks about having a Growth Mindset a lot! I give this book 5/5 and recommend it to 8+ children. I also think that adults and teachers should read it too! This book will boost your confidence at home and at school.    

Iguana Boy saves the World with a Triple Cheese Pizza
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Title: Iguana Boy saves the World with a Triple Cheese Pizza Author: Bishop Parekh This book is about a boy called Dylan. His siblings, Arctic Thunder and Millie Monday are both superheroes but he isn’t. UNTIL… One day, Dylan is playing with his toy car and ends up throwing it, hitting his pet iguana. Suddenly, the iguana says, “Ow”. This is his super power; talking to iguanas. The worst power EVER, he thought, but was it? His arch-enemy Celina Shufflebottom kidnaps all the superheroes in the world and Dylan must save them, armed only with a triple cheese pizza and his pet iguana. Can he save the world? Read the book to find out! We give it 5/5. We recommend it to 8+ because it’s easy to read, full of adventure and very funny. We can’t wait to read the sequel.  

My Magical Life
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Title: My Magical Life Author: Zach King Zach’s family is magical. But there is one problem – Zach hasn’t found his magical object yet and his family fear that he has been skipped over and isn’t magic after all. This is a big problem because Zach is home-schooled but now he must go and face the dangers of a real school. However, on his first day, he makes a friend called Aaron but he also makes an enemy called Tricia, who covers him in condiments and trips him up. When he falls over he falls into a vending machine; a true sign that he is magical. Does Zach find his magical object? Does anyone find out about Zach’s magical powers? If he finds his magical powers, will he get home-schooled again? Read the book to find out! This book was really funny and I really enjoyed reading it. I recommend it to readers aged 8+ as most of it was easy to read and the comic format is really good for younger readers. I give it 10/10. Zach’s family is magical. But there is one problem – Zach hasn’t found his magical object yet and his family fear that he…

Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad
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Title: Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad Author: Christian O’Connell This is the second book in the series and it is about a boy called Spike who is also known as “Radio Boy”. Spike has his own radio show called “The Secret Shed Show”, which is still running after his run-in in the first book with “Fish Face” (Spike’s headmaster). One day, Spike’s Grandad arrives at his house after being kicked out by his Nan! Spike makes the mistake of letting Grandad aka Tony Fandango make a guest appearance on his radio show. Grandad takes over the whole show and Spike has no other choice but to fire him! This doesn’t go down well with Grandad though. He swears revenge on Spike but how… by entering Radio Star of course, which is the competition that Spike is desperately hoping to win so that he can launch his career in radio. Spike needs his best friends Artie and Holly to help him win Radio Star but do they? Who wins Radio Star? Does Grandad get his revenge? Read the book to find out! I really enjoyed this book because it made me laugh. I recommend it to 10+ readers who…

The Funny life of Pets
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Title: The Funny Life of Pets Author: James Campbell This is the funniest book EVER! I fell off my chair laughing… I have learnt about: imaginary pets how your parents lie to you about your hamster’s age how to identify POO!!!!!! I would like another book in this series because this one was too short! Please can you write another one??? WARNING do not use any of the facts in this book in class because your teacher might just laugh at you and you don’t want that!!! I loved the imaginary pets section and the Poo Identification table was very useful because I would like a pet and I’m sure I need to know how to identify its poo! Since reading this book, I have decided that I would really like to have a Cumberland sausage dog because they are awesome! I recommend this book to 8+ readers. The illustrations in the book are really good too! I give it 5000 ****

Planet Stan
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Title: Planet Stan Author: Elaine Wickson   Stan loves charts and he uses them to explain everything. Stan wants to win a telescope because he loves space. BUT one thing stands in his way… actually one person… his snot picking, loud, dinosaur loving brother, Fred. Fred is always up to mischief like colouring in Rory, the T-Rex at the museum or stealing the new exhibition! It gets worse when Fred realises that Rory is being removed from the museum and he nearly ruins Stan’s chances of entering the competition! Does Stan win? Does Rory leave the museum? Does Fred finally get along with Stan, like all good brothers should? 🙂 Read the book to find out! I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I really enjoyed the way this book was written and I think more books should include charts, diagrams and graphs to make them more interesting! I give it 5*****.

Sky Song
Uncategorised / 28th January 2018

Title: Sky Song Author: Abi Elphinstone Eska is a prisoner of the Ice Queen. The Ice Queen has captured all the adults and she is trying to steal Eska’s voice so that she can be the most powerful person and rule Erkenwald (where they live). But one day a boy called Flint comes to the palace in search of his mother and he stumbles across Eska. He sets her free from captivity and decides to bring her back to his tribe. He is cross with her because she ruined his chances of setting his mum free. When he brings Eska back to his tribe, the leader, who is his brother Tomkin, is furious with him as he has brought an outsider into the Fur Tribe. So, they kick Eska out! With no memory of her past and still weak from being locked up she has to fight to survive. On her way, she befriends an eagle who helps her fight the Ice Queen. Eska calls her new friend Balapan. Over the next few days Eska learns who to hunt and fight for survival and soon she is reunited with Flint and his sister Blu. Together they travel to the Feather…

Our top 10 reads for 2017
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We read a lot of books in 2017 and here are our favourites. If you haven’t read them yet, you really should!!!! There were lots of books that could have added into our top 10 so it was really difficult to put the list together but here goes: Alexander: Wonder by R J Palacio Radio Boy by by Christian O’Connell Never say Die by by Anthony Horowitz A Faraway Magic by Amy Wilson The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone William Wenton and the Luridium Thief by Bobbie Peers Stargazing for Beginners by Jenny McLachlan Defenders series (and Over the Line) by Tom Palmer What on Earth series of books by Christopher Lloyd Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story of the Wizard of Oz by Michael Morpurgo As I found it really difficult to limit my favourite books to ten, I would also add Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan and The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis! Daniel: Who Let the Gods out by Maz Evans Simply the Quest by Maz Evans I swapped my brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons The Accidental Billionaire by Tom McLaughlin Kid Normal by by Greg James and Chris Smith Over the Line by Tom Palmer William Wenton and…

The Eye of the North
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Title: The Eye of the North Author: Sinéad O’Hart   Emmeline’s parents are always away on business trips and they always bring home strange and dangerous creatures. Emmeline is usually prepared for anything but when her parents go missing, she can’t change what would happen next. So, she finds herself on a ship to France where she discovers a stowaway called Thing. Soon, they become the best of friends. It turns out Dr. Siegfried Bauer (the person who kidnapped her parents) doesn’t only want her parents – he wants her too and he’ll do anything to get her! Does Emmeline get captured? Why does he want her? Why is Thing a stowaway? Read the book to find out! I found this book quite slow as I am not particularly interested in mythical stories or monsters but I carried on reading it, which I’m glad I did as I and think it had a great ending. I recommend it to 12+ readers who enjoy magical stories. I give it 4****.