Simply the Quest
Uncategorised / 11th October 2017

Title: Simply The Quest Author: Maz Evans This is the 2nd book in this series by Maz Evans. The first book is called Who Let the Gods Out? I read Who Let the Gods Out? in year 5 and I brought it into school as we were learning about the Greek Gods and my teacher was very impressed with what I’d learnt! Simply The Quest is about a boy called Elliott, his mum Josie and some famous Greek Gods. Virgo and Elliott met in the first book in the most usual way and in this book, Virgo needed to go on a trial to retrieve her Kardia as she had lost it in book 1. But it didn’t go well especially as Elliot didn’t follow Virgo’s instructions!!! Back at Home Farm, which is Elliott’s house, a letter popped through the door! The letter told Elliott about his dad’s darkest secret, which I’m not going to tell you about as it is top secret! Elliott’s two enemies try to get revenge in this book. But how? Will Virgo and Elliott complete their mission? You’ll have to read the book to find out! I give this book 6/5. I recommend it to…

Thank you Ealing Broadway for selecting us as your reading heroes 2017
Uncategorised / 3rd October 2017

           We wanted to say thank you so much to Ealing Broadway for selecting us as their reading heroes. We won £150 in book tokens – £50 for ourselves and £50 for each of our schools. We really enjoyed choosing the books for our schools – some of the books we chose are books we have reviewed and really enjoyed. How many of the books in the photo have you got on your bookshelf? 🙂 Some of the books are part of Tom Fletcher’s Book Club at WH Smiths.

The Accidental Billionaire
Uncategorised / 24th September 2017

Title: The Accidental Billionaire Author: Tom McLaughlin This book is about a boy called Jasper Spam, his Nan and his cat, Rover. Jasper was an ordinary boy… well, one who got into trouble (a little bit) at school because of his inventions! One day, he was in his science lab (his shed) and he tried to split an atom, so he hit the chisel with a hammer, the hammer flew up, hit a laser beam and BAM, it hit Rover’s bum! Because of this accident, his cat started to talk and Jasper became rich beyond belief. The accident was the birth of Cat Chat 2000! Soon, cats were plotting things against humans. But what were they planning? I recommend this book to 7+ comedy fans. I give it 11/10. This is the 3rd book in the “Accidental” series and is my favourite one. It’s funny, you can’t put it down and if you have any money, I recommend that you BUY THIS BOOK! If I was a billionaire, I would give some money to charity, buy a car company (Tesla) and buy a mansion. If Alexander was a billionaire, he would give some money to charity and buy at least…

Over the Line
Uncategorised / 24th September 2017

Title: Over the Line Author: Tom Palmer Jack is a young boy. This is the most important moment of his life; his debut as a professional footballer. But there is a problem, it is 1914 and the war has started. Jack has made many friends in these first football matches but when rumours start about footballers being cowards, Jack has no choice but to join up. There are other rumours too. Good rumours. Rumours about the Flanders Cup, a tournament in the war between different battalions. Does Jack get chosen to play? Do Jack and his friends survive the war? Does Jack get to play football again? Read the book to find out! I really liked this book because it really intrigued me and it is a true story! At some points it is quite emotional though. I recommend this book to 8+ readers who like history or football. If you enjoy this book, read the Wings series or Defenders series. I give it 11/10

Thank you Egmont & Jim Smith for our Rattify Me picture and books
Uncategorised / 6th September 2017

We were lucky enough to win a competition on Egmont’s Facebook page to win 4 books, a backpack and a Rattify Me picture drawn by Jim Smith himself. Thank you so much for our prize. We love our picture – you can clearly see the resemblance! 🙂 If you haven’t read the Barry Loser or Future Ratboy books, you should definitely read them. They are easy to read and the illustrations are great! Alexander and Daniel    

The Stone of Kuromori
Uncategorised / 14th August 2017

Title: The Stone of Kuromori Author: Jason Rohan Kenny is only a teenage boy who has a great burden. He is the bearer of an almighty, powerful, magical sword and he and best friend Kiyomi have to protect the world from being overrun by Japanese beasts. This is the third book in the series and in this book Kiyomi’s soul has been stolen from her and Kenny needs to find the three sacred treasures – the sword, the mirror and the jewel – to save her from turning into an onibaba (a demon hag). As Kenny completes the tasks required to save Kiyomi he realises he is being used to allow the god of hell to release his undead army to kill all of humankind and the other gods. Can Kenny and his friends gather their allies (such as the other gods) for a final showdown? Will Kenny be stopped? Does Kiyomi turn into an onibaba? Read the book to find out! I really enjoyed this book and I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of it from the author Jason Rohan. I recommend this book to 10+ readers who like action and myths. Also, if you enjoy…

The Fox and the Ghost King
Uncategorised / 8th August 2017

Title: The Fox and the Ghost King Author: Michael Morpurgo “Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan…. And we all have an impossible dream.” There is an ordinary family of foxes who live under an ordinary human’s shed. They live an ordinary life and like all foxes, they adore football. They all support the same team: The Foxes (AKA Leicester City) but they NEVER win! One day, on the way back from the latest football game against Chelsea, (Leicester loses again), Daddy Fox and his eldest son come across a voice in the earth in a car park. The voice tells them that he is the ghost of King Richard III and that he hates Shakespeare. He also tells them that if they dig him out, he will grant them one wish. What wish could 2 football mad foxes ask for? Do they dig him out? What is their impossible dream? Does His Royal Highness grant their wish? You’ll have to read the book to find out! I give it 5*****. I recommend this book to 9+ children with an interest in football and history. After I finished this book, I…

When my mum threw out the TV
Uncategorised / 8th August 2017

Title: When my mum threw out the TV Author: Emily Smith This is one of my Summer Reading Challenge books from the library, which is why it’s quite an old book. It’s still worth reading though if you can find a copy! This book is about a boy called Jeff who loves TV. His mum is fed up of him watching TV so she locks it up in the wardrobe, then she gives it to an old lady for a few MONTHS! At Jeff’s school he can’t join in the latest gossip as he hasn’t watched the latest show, Cybernauts. He has no interests in it; this is why no one in his class is his friend! One day, he meets a girl called Dizzi, in the library and they become best friends. Dizzi enters him to go on the Cybernauts show. He becomes one of the few contestants. He tries 6 hard challenges and completes them all; not like the other contestants who fail miserably on the first test. His classmates are amazed when they see him on the TV!!!! Does he get the TV back? Read this book to find out. I recommend it to 7+ good readers….

Defenders – Killing Ground
Uncategorised / 28th July 2017

Title: Defenders – Killing Ground Author: Tom Palmer Seth loves football; especially Halifax F.C. He has never missed a home game even though his mum is seriously ill. She has cancer. However, she is going to London to have treatment soon. Seth is one of a kind! He sees things that have happened in the past. They are mostly good things but as he is growing older now, bad things are starting to creep in. It all starts at half time at the latest football match when the new floodlights come on. A massive storm hangs over the stadium like a helicopter about to land. Trees start shaking and fire starts burning. Seth sees a face; a Viking’s face. Every night after this, Seth notices a group of Vikings rounding up and slaughtering Saxon villagers. He needs to help them but how? Can Seth and his new friend Nadiya stop the gruesome, gross, ghost slaughter? Read the book to find out! I love this book and can’t wait for the next one in the series, which is due out soon (August 2017)! I recommend this book to 9+ readers who like history. Also, this is an easy to read book…

Kid Normal
Uncategorised / 21st July 2017

Title: Kid Normal Author: Greg James and Chris Smith This book is about a boy called Murph and his peculiar school. Murph has a problem; he keeps moving house and has no school to go to at the moment. So, his mum keeps on searching for a new school. One day, on his way home from the shops, Murph’s mum spots a child coming out from an alleyway which leads to a place called “The School”, so his mum runs to get the attention of a man who is also there. Whilst she is talking to him, there is a BIG misunderstanding about “flying” and as a result of this misunderstanding, Murph is allowed to attend this school! Meanwhile, at the school weird things are happening, especially the fact that its top secret and the students there have “capes” otherwise known as superpowers. But what can Murph do without a cape? He can be laughed at and called names, such as Kid Normal! But Murph can still save the day especially as there is an evil supervillain lurking around the corner. Nektar is a wasp-man (a cross between a wasp and a man) and he hates picnics. He’s in need…